As we continue to rebuild from the 2020 pandemic, it is imperative that Idaho has an economic environment that is conducive to job creation particularly small and local businesses that serve as the backbone and foundation of a strong economy. With small business owners and consumers still sacrificing to regain a solid financial standing, tax relief is important now more than ever.
As a small business owner and your representative, I promise to:
    • Work with the Small Business Administration and the Governor’s Office to promote and put into place policies that – as outline in the SBA’s

      Official FY 2018-2022 Strategic Plan:
        1. Are conducive to supporting small business revenue and job growth.
        2. Build healthy entrepreneurial ecosystems and create business friendly environments.
    • Support the review and possible elimination of sales tax exemptions.
    • Pursue common sense approaches to economic development so that incentives offered to businesses result in a “win” for Idaho taxpayers in the form of goods, higher paying and quality jobs, and contributions to the tax base by businesses.