Idaho's infrastructure, much like the rest of the nation, is overdue for an update on major infrastructure. Much of it has been punted from the legislature to city and local governments, causing undue burden on their shoulders. It's time the legislature did it's job.

As your representative, I promise to:

    • Growth needs to pay for growth. As we continue to see growth throughout Idaho, we need to ensure that the costs do not fall on the shoulders of homeowners, and instead are covered by revenue collected from impact fees.
    • Use my existing partnerships to strengthen and reaffirm our working relationship with our transportation partners across the state and working together on critical solutions needed to address our transportation and infrastructure areas of improvement.
    • Work with city leaders across Idaho to remove undue pressure on their governments when it comes to finding solutions on their own and working with entities like ACHD to carry out major projects needed to improve our roads and alleviate traffic congestion.
    • Work to bring more broadband companies to Idaho and expand internet access and coverage to more Idahoans including in rural areas. 
    • Support common-sense means to fund alternate transportation without negative fiscal impact toward the General Fund.