Idaho's identity is rooted in agriculture and boasts some of the greatest natural wonders in the U.S. One of our oldest responsibilities as humans has been to serve as stewards of our environment so that we can pass it on to the next generation better than it was by the last.
As your representative, I promise to:
    • Work with partners both in the private sector, as well as city governments including their public works, parks and recreation, and planning and zoning departments and commissions to invest in stronger recycling efforts and to review what potential financial/tax incentives could go toward their communities to improve their recycling efforts.
    • Dedicate efforts to keeping our public lands public, so that future generations can enjoy the natural wonders that make up our state.
    • Remain steadfast in my commitment to installing more community gardens as well as encourage increased use of pollinator and indigenous plants throughout our state’s existing parks and recreation areas, providing both a positive environmental and humanitarian benefit to Idahoans.
    • Explore options in partnership with our agricultural community on the implementation of community greenhouses where non-native and off-season produce can be grown, and consider tax incentives to both farmers and grocery stores to engage in the production and sale of more locally grown produce.