Dom on the Issues

Conservative Issues Dom Will Bring To The Idaho House!


Idahoans deserve a better education system that values teachers, empowers parents, and that prepares our students to apply what they learn to lead a successful life in an ever increasingly competitive world. Read More…

Infrastructure & Transportation

Idaho has seen significant growth in the last decade, and projections show it continuing for the foreseeable future. With responsible planning, and strong collaborative efforts at all levels, we can ensure efficient management going forward. Idaho’s infrastructure, much like the rest of the nation, is overdue for an update on major infrastructure. For decades the issue has been “punted” from the legislature to city and local governments, adding undue pressure on them at a time where they are at capacity in trying to manage their communities. It’s time the legislature did it’s job. Read More…

Jobs & Economy

As we continue to rebuild from the 2020 pandemic, it is imperative that Idaho has an economic environment that is conducive to job creation particularly small and local businesses that serve as the backbone of a strong economy. With small business owners and consumers still sacrificing to regain a solid financial standing, tax relief is important now more than ever. Read More…

Rights & Liberties

We share a common goal of achieving “a more perfect Union”. An important pillar to achieving that, is by recognizing, upholding, and defending the rights and liberties of all Idahoans. Read More…


Our Idahome’s identity is rooted in agriculture and proudly boasts some of the greatest natural wonders in the U.S. One of our oldest responsibilities as humans has been to serve as stewards of our environment so that we can pass it on to the next generation better than it was by the last. Read More…


Idaho’s healthcare system needs improving. From mental health to emergency response and everything in between, Idaho’s healthcare system is lacking and must do better by its providers and patients. Read More…

Veterans Affairs
Improving the quality of life of all Idahoans includes the lives of our veterans, who selflessly risked their lives to protect and defend our rights, our freedoms, and our nation. We owe them much, and it’s time we raised the bar on giving back to our veterans. Read More…

Idaho Legislative District 21

All of that portion of Ada County bounded and described as follows:

  • Beginning at the point of intersection of the Canyon/Ada county line and I- 84,
  • and proceeding northerly along the Canyon/Ada county line to W Ustick Rd,
  • and proceeding easterly along W Ustick Rd to N Meridian Rd,
  • and proceeding southerly along N Meridian Rd to E Fairview Ave,
  • and proceeding easterly along E Fairview Ave to N Eagle Rd,
  • and proceeding southerly along N Eagle Rd to S Eagle Rd,
  • and proceeding southerly along S Eagle Rd to I- 84,
  • and proceeding easterly along I- 84 to S Cloverdale Rd,
  • and proceeding southerly along S Cloverdale Rd to E Victory Rd,
  • and proceeding westerly along E Victory Rd to W Victory Rd,
  • and proceeding westerly along W Victory Rd to S Ten Mile Rd,
  • and proceeding northerly along S Ten Mile Rd to I- 84,
  • and proceeding westerly along I- 84 to the point of beginning.