City Council appointed Dom Gelsomino to seat 1 of the Meridian Parks and Recreation Commission during Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Gelsomino has served as the government affairs advisor for the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and as a member of the steering committee to update the comprehensive plan, according to his application for the position.

Gelsomino ran for seat 4 of the Meridian City Council in 2017, but lost to Treg Bernt.

“Public Service has been a lifelong passion,” said Gelsomino in his 2017 candidate survey. “When I mention public service it does not limit itself to politics, however. To me serving my community, my city, state, etc. comes in many forms. Whether it was volunteering my summers while in High School to my Church’s local food pantry and thrift store that fed and clothed thousands of members of our city who were in need, to donating funds and resources to charitable organizations, and ultimately my involvement and ambition for elected office, service has been a lesson and characteristic woven into the fabric of who I am for generations in my family.”

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